• Miskwaagamiiwi-zaaga'igan


Mission Statement:

"We are committed to educating Families to discover their strengths as individuals"

Red Lake Nation TANF/Employment Services

TANF is a program that serves the Red Lake Nation with cash and food assistance while they are in need of this type of assistance. TANF is designed to be a temporary program to help individuals and families becoming self-sufficient and employable.

We provide the following services to clients:

  • Employment Services
  • GED/ABE Education
  • Career Development Services (CDS), which includes Job Readiness Skills and Driver's Education.
  • Financial Skills for families
  • Ganawenindiwag ( Cultural Program) " Taking care of each other"


Jerald "Jerry" Loud Executive Director
Lenetta Jourdain Assistant Executive Director
Wendy Johnson Lead Financial/Eligibility Specialist
Sandra Cobenais Financial/ Eligibility Specialist
Robert Neadeau, Jr Financial/ Eligibility Specialist
Maloree Strong Financial/ Eligibility Specialist
Marla King Financial/ Eligibility Specialist
Renee Clark Lead Employment Services Case Manager
Sherri Dudley Employment Services Case Manager
Whitney Spears Employment Services Case Manager
Christie Prentice Eligibility Specialist
Georgia Downwind Eligibility Specialist
Colleen Erickson Employment Services Case Manager/FSS
Lisa Loud Employment Services Case Manager
Michelle Brun Employment Services Case Manager
Tracey Kingbird Employment Services Case Manager
Deven Eagletail Employment Services Case Manager


Contact Information:
15525 Mendota Ave.
P.O. Box 416
Redby, MN 56670

State: (218) 679-3350
Fax: (218) 679-4317

Federal: (218) 679-2477
Fax: (218) 679-3202

Executive Director
Jerald Loud

Assistant Executive Director
Lenetta Jourdain

Executive Director's Assistant / Accounts Payable
Angela Infante

Accounts Payable
Mavis LaDuke

Office Manager
Patrick Stillday, Jr.

Office Manager
David Clark

P.L. 102-477 Program
"We are committed to educating families to discover their strengths as individuals"

All programs require an Individual Development Plan.

We are here to assist you to meet your Employment Goals & to become self-sufficient.

We provide these services:

  • General Assistance
    • Job Search (GA)
    • Medical (GA)
  • Supportive Service
  • Work Experience Opportunities
  • Summer Youth Program
  • Education Opportunities
  • Financial Assistance
  • General Equivalency Diploma (GED)

General Assistance has also provided:
Emergency Financial Assistance for funeral and home fire losses.

Applications for Assistance

Contact Information

P.L. 102-477 Program

15525 Mendota Avenue
P.O. Box 416
Redby, MN 56670

Business: (218) 679-2477
Fax: (218) 679-3202


Lead Case Manager/ Compliance Manager
Kimberly Schoenborn

Intake Specialist
Valencia Smith

Case Manager
Melissa Greene

Case Manager
Valerie Olsen

Case Manager
Alicia Hardy-Lussier

Career Develpment Services

We provide the following services:

  • Resume Building with software available
  • On-line Applications
  • Assessments for skills & careers
  • Interviewing skills & techniques
  • Current employment opportunities posted weekly
  • Barriers to Employment- assessment and video
  • Driver's Education for adults
  • Interviewing

Contact Information

Karyn Jourdain
CDS Instructor

Child Care Development Fund (Subsidy Program) and Child Care Assistance Program

Offers eligible parents and guardians assistance in paying for their child care needs while at work and/or in Education/Training. Oshkiimaajitahdah will assist with $1.80 to Registered Providers, $2.20 for Licensed ($3.00 for nightshift 8PM-6AM, Licensed only) per hour per child. Parent makes one monthly co-payment as determined by income. Applications may be picked up, faxed or emailed.

  • Determines eligibility and Co-payment.
  • Registers and monitors child care providers, including processing vouchers (due on 1st day of month) for payment distribution on 15th of each month. CCAP pays bi-weekly if eligible & requested and may be direct deposited.
    • Providers are divided into three categories: "Registered (Legal Non-Licensed)", "Licensed", and "Center."
    • Providers must live within the Red Lake Nation boundaries, be at least 18 years, be CPR certified, pass basic background check, agree to annual home inspection by compliance manager.
    • Providers may set their own rate for their child care services, anything above eligible coverage will be the family's responsibility.
  • Offers free child care at Oshkiimaajitahdah Child Care Center while parent/guardian is attending classes or meetings at Oshkiimaajitahdah "New Beginnings."
  • Children eligible are birth through 12 years of age.

Contact Information

15525 Mendota Ave.
P.O. Box 416
Redby, MN 56670

(218) 679-3350
(218) 679-3158 (Fax)

Redby Oshkiimaajitahdah Child Care Center Staff:

Ruby Gurneau
Child Care Director

Shannon Clark
Lead Teacher

Vena Dominguez
Assistant Teacher

Carisa Skinaway
Assistant Teacher

Charmaine Andersen
Assistant Teacher / Cook

Jolene Kingbird
Cook / Housekeeper / Assistant Teacher

Joey Johnson
Assistant Teacher

RLNC Child Care Center Staff:

Taneeka Lyons
Child Care Manager

Sara Seki
Assistant Teacher

Tyrone May
Assistant Teacher

Charlene Andersen
Cook / Assistant Teacher

Child Support Program
"Red Lake Nation Child Support program is dedicated to serving & assisting our Nation's children first by providing the services needed to strengthen the families' commitment to become self-sufficient"

Each & every child of our nation deserves the financial, emotional & moral support from both parents to ensure that each child will live a healthy & quality life.

Services Include:

  • Establishing support orders
  • Establishing paternity
  • Modifications
  • Income Withholding
  • Enforcement of child support orders & voluntary agreements


  • Knowing extended family
  • Sense of belonging
  • Creating a bond between the child & non-custodial parent
  • Financial support & responsibilities

Children are the future, so lets prepare our children for the future

Contact Information

15525 Mendota Ave.
P.O. Box 416
Redby, MN 56670

(218) 679-3350
(218) 679-2390 (Fax)


Sharon Paddy
Lead Case Manager

Mariah Graves
Case Manager

Thelma May
Financial Specialist

Teen Parent Program

We provide the following services:

  • Help with MFIP Eligibilty
  • Case Management Services for MFIP financial assistance
  • Help with Educational and Career Planning, and financial management
  • Home visiting services
  • Developing and increasing parenting skills
  • Childcare to attend school
  • Supportive services for Transportation and employment

Contact Information

(218) 679-3350
(218) 679-4317 (Fax)

Teen Parent Case Manager
Tracy Kingbird

FSS Case Manager
Colleen Erickson

Red Lake Nation TERO Documents


Jerry Loud

Luwana Lasley
Directors Assistant/ Compliance Officer

Eugene StandingCloud
Training Coordinator

Rawn Graves
TERO Case Manager



15525 Mendota Avenue
P.O. Box 416
Redby, MN 56670

Tel: 218-679-3350
Fax: 218-679-3746

"Taking Care of Each Other"
  • Ice Fishing/Spearing
  • Sugar Bush
  • Spring Spearing Suckers/Northern Pike
  • Drum/Hand Drum, Drum Sticks
  • Garden Project/Preparation, Maintenance & Harvesting
  • Berry Camp
  • Fall Trapping
  • Regalia Making
  • Moccasin Making
  • Ojibwe Language Class
  • Spring Beaver Trapping
  • Spring Wild Edible Plant-Forage, Morel, Mushrooms, Leeks & Fiddlehead Ferns
  • Fishing Opener
  • Fish Camp
  • Wild Rice Harvest
  • Hunting Camp/Big & Small Game Season-Bow & Arrow, Riffle
  • Winter Camp - Crafts, Storytelling & Elder Teachings
  • Birch Bark Crafts
  • Beading
  • Talking Circle
  • Moccasin Games

Contact Information:

Darwin Sumner
Cultural Coordinator

Kelly Iceman
Case Manager

Anna Sherwood
Case Manager

Tracey Kingbird
Case Manager

Monday - Thursday
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
(Time and days will vary due to classes in the evening

* Call for a Transportation Referral if Needed.

Welding I
Biiwaabik Aanihooshim Aabiding

The Welding I student will:

  • Learn safe set up and operation of Oxyacetylene equipment
  • Satisfactorily perform Oxyacetylene welds in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions.
  • Satisfactorily perform Shielded Metal arc welds in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions.
  • Satisfactorily perform either Tungsten Inert Gas Welding and Metal Inert Gas Welding in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions.
  • Understand basic safety and health procedures along with work attitudes that may be expected in an industrial work setting.
  • Learn basic joint designs, related welding terminology, and be introduced to blueprints.
  • Have an understanding of the welding industry in order to make career choices.
  • Practice proper units of measurement with the basic rule and tape.

Contact Information

Al Belleveau
(218) 368-7330

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