• Miskwaagamiiwi-zaaga'igan


The Red Lake Police Department is under the supervision of Public Safety Director William Brunelle, and is responsible for enforcing all ordinances contained within the Tribal Code. Ordinances are established by the Tribal Council for the safety and well being of all members.

The department’s jurisdiction extends to all boundaries, and includes the Northwest Angle as well.

The primary goal of the department is the protection of all residents of the reservation. In addition to law enforcement activities, the department all provides other services, including:

  • School liaison officer for the Red Lake School District.
  • DARE Officer to teach students to raise drug awareness and prevention techniques.
  • Traffic safety officer to enhance public safety on Tribal roads.
  • Security officers at the Red Lake Hospital.

The Conservation Department operates within the Police Department, and is responsible for enforcing all fish and game ordinances, as well as water safety ordinances.

The Police Department is located in the Criminal Justice Center.


William Brunelle Director
Dana Lyons, Jr. Captain
Collin "Kelly" Brunelle Criminal Investigator
Geoffrey Pierre Criminal Investigator
Jonathan Richards Criminal Investigator
Paul Smith Criminal Investigator
Paul Kwako Criminal Investigator
Sgt. Alex Dow Patrol Officer
Sgt. Harlan Johnson Patrol Officer
Cpl. William Branchaud Patrol Officer
Ryan Bialke Patrol Officer
Stephen Dow Patrol Officer
Harold Graves, Jr. Patrol Officer
Dominic Hamre Patrol Officer
Joseph Heyer Patrol Officer
Robert McClain Patrol Officer
Cpl. Justin Nelson Patrol Officer
Ron Leyba Patrol Officer
Rennel Parish Patrol Officer
Keary Petschl Patrol Officer
Aaron Gelle Patrol Officer
Joshua Wicker Patrol Officer
Alea Richardson Patrol Officer
Chris Sumner Patrol Officer
Jamus Veit Patrol Officer
Guadalupe Ybarra Patrol Officer
Sgt. Patrick Graves Conservation Officer
Cpl. Tyson Nelson Conservation Officer
Shannon Barron Conservation Officer
James Cloud Conservation Officer
Kendall Kingbird Conservation Officer
Vacant Conservation Officer
TAC Bernadette Raincloud Dispatcher
Samantha Dow TCO Dispatcher
Arlene Red Eagle TCO Dispatcher
Marie Spears TCO Dispatcher
Roberta Dunkley TCO Dispatcher
Marisha Johnson TCO Dispatcher
Cassidy White TCO Dispatcher
Shania Blue TCO Dispatcher
Nicole Spears Admin Staff
Jasmine Smith Admin Staff
Star Kingbird Evidence Clerk


Contact Information

Red Lake Police Department
Hwy. 1 East
Red Lake, MN 56671

Phone: 218-679-3313
Fax: 218-679-1850

15-Nov-2016 11:23 AM