Community Coordinators

The Red Lake Nation has four Community Coordinators who are in charge of planning and coordinating events for the Ponemah, Redby, Red Lake and Little Rock districts. The coordinators also maintain the community centers which are intended to provide tribal members a place to hold their events/functions such as Memorial dinners, birthday parties, wakes/funerals and other family functions.

*Please note that wakes/funerals always take priority over all other scheduled functions.

Watch the calendar for upcoming community wide events held at each district center, you may choose any center you’d like when a function is taking place, bring your families and enjoy!

Contact Information

Red Lake Center
Mia Long - Coordinator

Noelle Zeller - Asst. Coordinator
218-679-3221 or 218-553-3411

Redby Center
Mike Cobenais - Coordinator

Brandon Howard, Jr. - Asst. Coordinator
218-679-5924 or 218-407-0398

Little Rock Center
Jalen Kelly - Coordinator

Matthew Maxwell - Asst. Coordinator
218-368-5473 or 218-679-1130

Ponemah Center
Bruce Taylor/Alexandra Dow
218-554-7596 or 218-556-6546