Department of Motor Vehicles

New vehicle registrations and owner transfers must be done IN PERSON at the Red Lake Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

Registration RENEWAL (updating tabs) may be done through the mail. Please mail check or money orders along with a list of Red Lake plate numbers that are being renewed to:

Red Lake Band of Chippewa Motor Vehicle Department

PO Box 573 / 15484 MIGIZI DRIVE

Red Lake, MN 56671

Resolution No. 160-16

The Red Lake Tribal Council hereby authorizes a change to the Motor Vehicle Registration Ordinance and the Tribal Code regarding license plates and registration of vehicles to allow sale of the license plates and registration to all Red Lake enrollees regardless of where they live.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 573
Red Lake, MN 56671

Alecia Fairbanks, License Clerk


Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Pricing - Per Resolution No. 160-16

Registration Fees

(Includes: Plates, tabs, title & registration card)

Add $7 to registration if a lien holder is listed on title/purchase agreement.

Vehicle Years:

2020-2024 = $65.00
*add $7.00 if there is a Lien

2016-2019 = $45.00
*add $7.00 if there is a Lien

2015-older $30.00

Personalized Plates: Add $55 to regular fees, up to 6 letters and/or numbers.

Veteran Plates *DD214 required*

Registration = $25.00
Tabs = $15.00

Lien Holder Info*

Add Lien on any vehicle = $20
*Lien cards will be mailed to lien holder once payment is received.

Add 2nd owner
$13.00 if no Lien
$20.00 if Lien*
Written approval from lien holder required*

Title Only = $13

Personalized Plates

Add $55.00 to Registration Price

For personalized plates. 6 letters and/or numbers

Tabs Only

Due 1 year from registration. Not to be added to registration fees.

Vehicle Years:
2020-2024 = $55.00
2016-2019 = $35.00
2015-older = $20.00

Add Name on Title

$13.00 if no Lien
$20.00 if Lien
*Need to have written approval from lien holder.

ATV, Trailers & Motorcycle

Registration = $23
Tabs = $13

Transfer Title and/or Plates

Same price as registration

Handicap Plates

1 set per person. Must have handicap application signed by Dr.
= $28.00
Tabs = $18.00
Handicap Permit = $5.00
Duplicate = Same price as Registration. * Must return old plates or bring documentation of missing/stolen plates.

Duplicate Plates

Same price as registration

*Must return old plates or bring in documentation of missing/stolen plates.

Semis, 2 Ton (2,000 lbs. or more), Trailers, Campers & RV's

Registration = $68.00
Tabs = $58.00

WE NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. Cash, Check, OR Money Order.

Make checks payable to Red Lake Band