• Miskwaagamiiwi-zaaga'igan


Red Lake Nation maintains its own Tribal Courts that provides both criminal and civil services for the band members. Court staff handle as many as 2,000 criminal and civil proceedings annually.

The Tribal Courts moved to the new Criminal Justice Complex on the west edge of Red Lake in 2009. The facility includes two courtrooms: Courtroom A is intended for adult proceedings as well as for marriages and other civil cases; Courtroom B is for hearing all juvenile-related matters. The offices of the court staff, prosecution and defense are also housed in the building, as well.

The Tribal Courts hear all misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases resulting from violations of the Tribal Code. Certain felony crimes are adjudicated in federal court. Traffic citations are also settled within the courts.

Several other programs are included in the Tribal Court system as well, including: probation, and child support, among others. Probation officers are in place to insure that those convicted follow through with their court mandated punishments and fines.

Contact Information
  • Red Lake Tribal Courts
  • Hwy 1 East, Box 572
  • Red Lake, MN 56671
  • Phone: 218-679-3303
  • Fax: 218-679-2683
  • Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • (Closed for Tribally recognized holidays and leave.)

Court Forms

Tribal Court Staff
  • Chief Judge: Mary Ringhand
  • Associate Judge: Rodney Prentice Jr.
  • Associate Judge: Austin Needham
  • Clerk of Court: Michelle Cobenais
  • Clerk of Court: Beverly Pemberton
  • Court Administrator: Jason Defoe
Prosecution Staff
  • Chief Prosecutor: Ogema Neadeau
  • Assistant Prosecutor: Lisa Ducheneaux
  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Prosecutor: Aleisha Pemberton
  • Juvenile Prosecutor: Amber Defoe
  • Prosecution Clerk: Renee Jourdain
  • Prosecution Clerk: Faleisha Desjarlait
Public Defenders
  • Donna Morrison
  • Keith Dow
  • Adult Probation Officer: Amanda Charnoski
  • Juvenile Probation Officer: Ashlyn Charnoski
Court Fees
  • Adoption: $40
  • Child Support: $40
  • Civil Complaint : $40
  • Civ. Comp. Withdrawal: $20
  • Photocopy/Page: $3
  • Copy of Order: $10
  • Custody: $40
  • Divorce: $100
  • Div. Published Addt'l: $50
  • Guardianship: $40
  • Marriage License: $50
  • Name Change: $40
  • Order for Protect: No Fee
  • Paternity: $40
  • Probate: $40
  • Restraining Order: $40
  • Return of Property: $40
  • Security Agreement: $20
  • Transcript: $100
  • Visitation: $40
  • Voluntary Placement: $40

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